Uri Dushy

Over the past decades Uri Dushy has been investigating the origins of art. In his personal, non-compromising way, he insists upon joining and creating within artistic genres unprecedented to him, provocatively challenging, mastering and adopting technical professional production processes. There is a considerable amount of daring – at times bordering on the naive – in […]

William Boissevain

His more famous artworks involve nudes, still life’s, and animals with the beauty to which they all allude. His work has been selling well across the country, for more than four decades. He uses a variety of different mediums, mainly oils, but watercolour and pastels have previously been used.

Max Mannix

Max Mannix was born in Nyah West, Victoria 1939, artist and print-maker, mostly self-taught who has become a well respected and collectable artist. Is a figurative painter of rural Australia whose works depict life in the outback in a light-hearted vein, with keen insight, and gentle humour. Works in oil, acrylic, pen, and ink, and […]

Terry Cousins

Terry Cousins is a popular Western Australian artist who has been painting and exhibiting since 1979. Terry’s style of painting is known as bas-relief (built up, sculpted and then painted) giving a 3D effect. This method is time consuming and therefore Terry does not produce a great deal of paintings each year. His work is […]

Corinne Lewis

Fashion, females, fabric and jewellery are the aesthetic concerns of Corinne’s work.The setting is firmly rooted in the film and literary noirs of the 40s and 50s. Each work takes place in the close and intimate interiors dominated by a solitary female figure.The dim artificial lighting is evocative of a city at night. This is […]

Robert Hagan

Born in 1947 and raised in the lush, languorous sub-tropical northern New South Wales, Australia and educated at Newcastle University, he communicates in a typical offhanded Aussie manner. Widely travelled with studios in Suffolk, England., San Diego, USA, Southport, Australia and Pattaya, Thailand.   He explains, “When you look at things you tend to concentrate on […]

Niclas Castello

Niclas Castello is a German contemporary artist influenced by Pop art, Neo expressionism and Street art. In his words, “colour came into my life, the day the Berlin Wall came down”. Exhibiting for the first time in Australia, his work is well known across Europe and America and he boasts customers like Beyonce, Jay Z […]

Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan is a Western Australian based contemporary artist who specializes in oil paintings and pencil drawings. With a background in animation and script writing, he enjoys incorporating his passion for storytelling into his artwork. Peter is inspired to recreate already picturesque environments into stylized trendy artwork, paying particular attention to the vivid palette of […]

Janette Drysdale

Janette is a contemporary West Australian Artist. Painting with oil paints she uses shape, colour, light and perspective to give life toa simple scene. Each painting is created to capture a moment in time whereby the viewer can interpret the back story of the work or can project their own experience onto the painting.   […]


Amke’s photography makes you stop and take a breath. Whether focusing on the detail of a flower petal, or children playing, Amke seeks to capture the beauty that is all around us and provide us with the opportunity to appreciate it. Subjects range from macro photography to street scenes and Amke does not restrict her […]

Christin Lutze

Christin Lutze was born in Berlin. After a stay abroad in France, she received her artistic study from 1996-2002 at the renowned University of the Arts in Berlin. She spent part of her studies at the Accademia belle Arti di Venezia and at the Ecole Supérieure de Beaux-Arts de Genève. She has worked with other […]

Greg Baker

Greg Baker’s skills are diverse and the range and breadth of his subject matter is extraordinary. He has mastered the spectrum of visual art mediums and is celebrated for his oils, pastels and acrylics. His paintings are figurative as well as much acclaimed seascapes, landscapes and cityscapes. His calligraphic technique is and always has been […]

Gerard Mutsaers

Gerard Mutsaers is an Australian painter who was born in Holland in 1947.  He arrived as a young child in 1952. He started painting in 1974 and is a traditional landscape painter, who has become well-known for his natural style and faithful representation of the Australian bush especially the Yarra Valley. Gerard has held numerous exhibitions throughout Melbourne […]

Esther Ziher-Ginczinger

Born with a pencil and brush in her hand and ever since she was a child an art lover in many ways. Graduated at Higher professional education Fontys, Graphic design & art graduated with a bachelor degree.  Esther’s painting refers to small things in life which for her are the very most important. Such as […]

Donald Waters

Donald James Waters is an established Australian artist with an illustrious career spanning over three decades. While best described as a contemporary artist, Donald’s artwork transcends many genres to create a truly unique yet ever evolving and eclectic style. Donald has relaxed the confines of his initial beginnings in botanical art now using stylised strokes, […]

Christine Hingston

Christine Hingston graduated from Claremont College of Fine Art, Australia in 1973. She worked and lived in London and Ireland and travelled throughout Europe. Since her return to Australia creating art has been Christine’s continuing passion. Today Christine divides her time between living and painting in Australia, inspired by those iconic colours of blue skies, […]

Sanaz Valizadeh

Sanaz Valizadeh is a Persian descent born in Paris self-taught artist who from a very early age loved sketching. Her natural talent and passion for art have grown strongly along the years and may be appreciated in her realistic portraits and much expressive oil paintings. When asked to describe art, ‘the healing power to overcome […]

Cameron Richards

Cameron Richards was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1994. His interest in art started a at a young age – largely producing graphite pencil based drawings for small art competitions around Perth. As he continued his education he was funnelled towards the sciences, where he fell into a Degree of Physiotherapy, keeping his creative […]

Liz Gray

Liz Gray is an Australian based artist known for her large emotive paintings of the feminine form engaging with nature and most recently her new collection of luscious floral works. Merging representation with abstraction in increasing degrees, she conveys the intensity of sensory experiences. Her dynamic technique combines palette knife applied impasto with colour washes […]

Andrew Tischler

Andrew Tischler was born in Texas in 1983 and expressed an obsession for art from a young age. Relocating to New Zealand, and then swiftly to Western Australia, Tischler developed an interest in this newfound landscape and unique flora and fauna. The Western Australian Landscape, particularly the Pilbara and The Kimberely region inspired Tischler immensely. […]