Cameron Richards

Cameron Richards was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1994. His interest in art started a at a young age – largely producing graphite pencil based drawings for small art competitions around Perth. As he continued his education he was funnelled towards the sciences, where he fell into a Degree of Physiotherapy, keeping his creative passion on the side. With his science based career he discovered painting to be a great juxtaposition – painting allowing time of reflection and peace. Being a self taught artist, many of his works explore darker themes of isolation and natural beauty, presented in both portraiture and landscapes.

Over the past 12 months he has further focused on his portraiture. He chooses individuals he is often very close to, with firm attention to detail of his sitter and often highly intricate backdrops that speaks as loudly as the portrait itself.

His portraiture has earned a number of awards in the last 12 months including the People’s choice award in the 2019 Nedland’s Emerge Youth Art Award, the Acquisition prize in the 2019 city of Canning art award, the Open award and the People’s Choice Award in the 2019 City of South Perth Emerging art award. Cameron has also won the “Packers Prize” in the Biennial Collie Art Prize of 2020.

Sarah by Cameron Richards | Oil on Canvas | image: 91 x 61cm - framed 95 x 65cm
Miss Priya Premkumar by Cameron Richards | Acrylic on Canvas | image: 106 x 106cm - framed 119 x 119cm
My Sarah by Cameron Richards | Acrylic on Canvas image 102x76cm
Sujee's Brother by Cameron Richards | Acrylic on Canvas | image: 90 x 150cm - framed: 95 x 155cm SOLD
Des by Cameron Richards | Acrylic on Canvas
Surfer by Cameron Richards | Acrylic on Canvas | image: 75 x 100cm - framed: 80 x 105cm