Esther Ziher-Ginczinger

Esther’s painting refers to small things in life which for her are the very most important. Such as love between
two people, family, friendship and comfort. Happiness, humour and warmth are the elements of her paintings
that she would like to imply on those people looking at it.
Nowadays Esther’s paintings travel around the world from the Netherlands to Taiwan, South-Korea, Tokyo,
Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, Taiwan and Africa.

The work of Esther has a lot of variety and not just an ordinary artistic style. Her works are known by her
self-expression and limitless bound to brace the theoretical borders. She is always …

… looking for challenges, innovations and is open for new techniques and materials. Paints with acrylic on canvas and uses ink, ink
spray, charcoal with structures, techniques and styles. Once she picked a canvas, it is the start of her painting.
The pleasure of painting for her is not only the end result but the development, continuous discovery during
the process and the surprises not knowing what will be the outcome. It is the art of letting things go and
freeing yourself. She also loves painting animals as they have a very special place in her heart. Esther wants
people to respect animals and tries to make that happen by painting them in a comical way and unrealistic.
There are so many animals in this world that suffers unnecessarily and how she wishes that it would stop. She
wanted the people to know that animals have feelings too. That is why they deserve a place on her canvas
that will show her way of expressing feelings towards the animals.
If I were an animal, I would rather be a bird…One fine summer evening, I was sitting in my garden chair
looking up in the sky. I saw a bird sitting on top of a roof. He was watching quietly around and surrounded by
silence. I wondered what he was thinking, feeling or wanted. Eventually, he spread his wings and let the wind
carry his little body wherever he would like. He does not have to turn left onto the street nor an intersection
and does not have to wait for traffic lights. He can just fly wherever he wants…everything is possible… The
sky is the limit….

You can find her art on showcase at the big Asian Artshows: Art Revolution Taipei (Taiwan) &
TIAF (Tokyo International Artfair (Japan)
Last year her paintings were on show at HILTON (Hilton on Parklane, London). In 2015 The Haegeumgang theme Museum in South – Korea added an e-ster-art to their private collection.

Wired by Esther Ziher-Ginczinger | Mixed Media on Canvas | image: 100 x 160cm
You are the Cherry on My Icecream by Esther Ziher-Ginczinger | Mixed Media on Canvas | image: 100x120cm