Paula Wiegmink

Paula, based in Dunsborough, South West Australia, was born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Having spent her early childhood on farms, she soon developed a love for the African bush and wildlife. Her interest in drawing and painting emerged at a very early age. Encouraged by her mother, she started sketching the animals on the farm and doing portraits of anyone willing to sit still long enough!

She spent twelve years training in the RAD – Royal academy of Dancing classical ballet method and performed with the Rhodesia National Ballet. Paula taught dancing for twenty five years, as well as conducting art classes at a private school in Salisbury/Harare for 3 years.

After migrating to Johannesburg, South Africa in 1979, she resumed her career teaching classical ballet and modern dance and judged numerous dance festivals and competitions. During this time she was also studying art at the Da Vinci Fine Art Studio under the guidance of Carlo Sdoya. Paula’s first exhibited painting, ‘Homeward Bound’, with the Brush and Chisel Club, was purchased by the South African Railways.

In 1994, she immigrated to Perth, Western Australia with her husband and children. Shortly after joining the Canning Arts Group, Paula was invited to exhibit as ‘Artist of the Month’. She then went on to conduct all media night classes for the next 6 years. Her teaching extended to the Village Club retirement village where she conducted classes for eleven years, as well as private tutoring.

In 2009, Paula launched her first book titled, ‘Footsteps in Time’ a family journey from the earliest of her ancestors, on her fathers side, to arrive in Africa in 1709 up to 2009. Over a 5 year period, Paula returned to Africa where her research took her on an incredible journey. The book launch coincided with her first major solo art exhibition, ‘The Winds of Change’.

Now able to immerse herself in her own creativity, expressing her passion for life through her art works, Paula enjoys experimenting with texture and colour, using multi-layering techniques in various mediums, styles and subjects. Through her art she hopes to create awareness and draw attention to the vulnerability of endangered species and the natural world.

A multi-award winner in oil, pastel, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media Paula continues to exhibit in both group and solo exhibitions.

Her work hangs in private and corporate collections in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Portugal, America, Canada, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Holland, Germany and Australia.

Red Winged Fairy Wren | Acrylic on Canvas | image: 25 x 25cm
Lovely Fairy Wren | Acrylic on Canvas | image: 25 x 25cm
Happiness Is | Acrylic on Canvas | image 30 x 30cm
Mulga Branch by Paula Wiegmink | Acrylic on Canvas | image: 76x101cm SOLD