Pro Hart

Pro Hart is one of Australia’s most popular and controversial artists. He was born in Broken Hill, NSW, in 1928 and showed early promise in art choosing to illustrate his school essays in preference to writing them. Purely self-taught with no formal art training, Pro Hart, Australian style began to emerge. He was first…

“discovered” in 1962 by an Adelaide gallery director and as a result of his first exhibition the Pro Hart legend was born. Pro has developed a highly individualistic semi-primitive style, depicting scenes typical of the Australian outback. As well as landscapes he has made studies of insects, miners at work, flowers, and cities. His work is widely known and collected both nationally and internationally. His art speaks for itself and is investment material. He is represented, amongst others, in collections such as Lyndon Johnson (ex-president USA), HRH Prince Phillip (London), Qantas Airways (Hong Kong). Pro Hart has been the recipient of many awards including Member of the British Empire 1976, and Honorary Life Membership to the Societe International Artisque (England) 1982. Pro Hart sadly passed away on 28th March 2006 but the legend lives on.

The Discussion by Pro Hart | Oil on Board | image: 50x58cm - framed: 79x87cm
The Casino by Pro Hart | Oil on Board | image: 60x74cm - framed: 88x102cm
Race Meeting by Pro Hart | Oil on Board | image: 50x58cm - framed: 79x87cm SOLD
Dragonfly on Orange by Pro Hart | Oil on Board | image: 58x50cm - framed: 88x80cm SOLD
Dragonfly on Green by Pro Hart | Oil on Board | image: 24x18cm - framed: 50x44cm SOLD
Dragonfly on Blue by Pro Hart | Oil on Canvas | image: 32x25cm - framed: 65x56cm SOLD
Dragonfly on Black by Pro Hart | Oil on Canvasboard | image: 30x22cm - framed: 59x51cm SOLD